Confidential Manufacturing Client


  • We worked with this confidential manufacturing company on the development of an eco-friendly master plan to reposition an existing facility as a world-class biotech campus including offices, laboratories, research, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities. The campus also includes a multilevel above ground car parking building.
  • Our initial work included evaluating the big picture goals, including resiliency, reliability, redundancy, energy independence from the grid, maximizing photovoltaic capacity, minimizing use of fossil fuels, maximizing water reuse, and providing five days of on-site utility capacity.
  • The focus of the master plan was the power and water consumption on-site as both utility water and utility power are limited in reliability and capacity. Block loads for all future buildings were performed utilizing trend data and power/water utility bills. Qualitative and quantitative comparisons for the mechanical and electrical systems were performed to provide system recommendations aligned with the master plan goals and addressed the challenging site power water limitations.
  • An electric power microgrid control center powered by a gas turbine Co- Gen central plant with combined heating/cooling and PV panels will provide power, cooling, and reheat while aligning with the campus goals.