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Booster Pumps


  • Utilized when the domestic water supply is insufficient in providing pressure to the system.
  • Seen as duplex systems with two pumps that operate in lead/lag tandem to increase the life span of the pumps.
Lighting Control Panels

Lighting Control Panels


  • Provides the control interface between the room sensor, low voltage switching or controls in a room, and the light fixtures controlled (and/or dimmed) in those areas.
  • Located within closets or above accessible ceilings.
  • Can be tied into a Building Management System (BMS) or lighting control system for remote programming.
Manual Volume Dampers

Manual Volume Damper


  • Used to balance airflow to diffusers during initial startup and occupation.
  • Requires access to ceiling plenum. If above drywall ceiling, can utilize duct mounted chords or remote controlled dampers.

Telecom Ladder Rack


  • Used for cable distribution from data equipment racks/cabinet to the network devices supported throughout the rest of the building.

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