Bush Terminal


  • We provided plumbing engineering design and site construction observation services at Bush Terminal, a former industrial warehouse, shipping, and manufacturing campus in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Working with Turner Construction and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC), we oversaw the relocation of utilities on the part of the Bush Terminal campus that borders a future waterfront park that is being developed by the EDC. The relocation of Bush Terminal’s utilities so that they are completely within Bush Terminal’s border is necessary before construction can be completed on the adjacent park.
  • In addition, we performed a load assessment study for a prospective developer of the site. We coordinated the 4.4MW demand load with Con Edison and developed on site infrastructure with N+1 redundancy. This included the design for an on-site elevated electrical substation to receive high tension electrical service from the utility provider and enable distribution to the existing and proposed facilities on the Bush Terminal site.
  • The design of a three feeder High Tension Con Ed service delivered at 27kV service voltage and coordination and design of all required 27kV Switchgear, relaying, three 2500kVA step down transformers and secondary 5kV distribution Switchgear.