Northeastern University


  • The goal of this project was to identify and quantify measures to improve the building’s energy efficiency and reduce its emissions with regard to future BERDO 2.0 emissions limits.
  • We performed an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit, BERDO assessment, and overall building assessment for the existing building. The ASHRAE Level 2 audit quantifies potential energy savings based on detailed data and analysis of the specific equipment and operating conditions.
  • We completed a site visit and interviewed the facilities team to determine the condition and operation of the existing systems. We complied the utility data to perform a benchmarking analysis (where the building is compared to buildings of a similar use type) and to calculate the current green house gas (GHG) emissions compared to BERDO 2.0 thresholds.
  • Our team modeled the impact of multiple measures on the building’s energy consumption and GHG emissions. We identified operations and maintenance energy conservation measures (ECMs) and large capital expenditure ECMs.
  • Based on our analysis, we provided recommendations to improve the building’s efficiency and indicate a pathway toward compliance for BERDO 2.0 in 2025 and beyond.