Confidential Defense Client


  • Our team developed a comprehensive database for our long-term client that contained hundreds of MEP systems. The facility lacked the proper documentation for its existing systems, hindering the prioritization of equipment and system upgrades.
  • Within the database, we recorded details such as system age, condition, and criticality of the areas served. This information proved invaluable in guiding decisions related to the allocation of infrastructure capital budgets.
  • Our comprehensive approach extended to mapping the entire electrical system, encompassing medium voltage distribution and substations, as well as providing a thorough overview of all mechanical hydronic systems.
  • These buildings, characterized by their substantial size and historical evolution, presented a diverse range of ages, conditions, and system types. The intricate interplay between these systems further complicated the already complex system topologies.
  • To successfully achieve the project’s objectives, we needed an in-depth understanding of how these systems functioned. The combination of size, complexity, and criticality made this building an especially challenging endeavor, exacerbated by the scarcity of existing documentation.