530 Gaither Road


  • The goal of our study was to help our client determine if the building was appropriate for repositioning as a life science building. By evaluating the existing MEP systems and establishing the client’s design criteria for shell science and technology space, we were able to answers key questions for the client’s evaluation and decision-making process.
  • For the first phase of the study, we established the client design criteria and evaluated the existing conditions against those criteria to develop a project budget and scope for future study and design.
  • High rise laboratory buildings have unique challenges related to maximum allowable quantities of hazardous materials that required some thoughtful solutions with control zones and other mitigation strategies. The City of Rockville, the local AHJ, has additional requirement and the design team was able to apply local expertise and lessons learned to the inform the probable code requirements and variances to create an accurate project budget in the early phases of the study.