American Express, 200 Vesey Street


  • We advise. Our work at 200 Vesey over the last five years could best be described as working with the building management team to find business solutions rooted in engineering design.
  • We have created a whole building utility (steam, chilled water, and electric) metering and tenant invoicing strategy.
  • We have designed multiple infrastructure upgrades, including replacing the BMS system and the interior control systems.
  • Why it matters. The replacement of the Building Management System (BMS) improved efficiency and reliability. We came up with a strategy to install a new system, while keeping the existing system operational in order to minimize downtime to the building.
  • We construct. Our commissioning team has worked closely with the building management on the replacement of all of the interior control systems. During this process, we identified related heating and cooling issues and work with the building team to address these issues.