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  • As result of the AHU 4 Lab Dehumidification Study, we recommended a new control strategy to control lab humidity levels.
  • The project included the design and construction of both the Phase I and Phase II recommendations from the study report. Phase III was the turnkey design portion of the project.
  • Phase I. The Phase I control upgrades included new humidistats, a new hot water reheat coil, and BMS program revisions.
  • Phase II. Our team designed new supplemental cooling to support dehumidification in the hottest, most humid weeks of the summer. We also designed new doors, vapor barrier, and drywall in the garage door service chase.
  • Phase III. During the lab AHU turnkey design build phase, we studied the lab humidity trends and operational data to provide system adjustments and AHU replacement options.
  • After the equipment design and central plant adjustment, plans were approved for WB to manage and contract all the construction activities.