Verizon Local Law 97


  • We were hired by Verizon to perform a strategic decarbonization study for properties across their portfolio, through analyzing operating energy use, associated carbon emissions, carbon impact/reduction from system upgrades and compliance with local law 97 carbon emissions standards. The focus of this study was to address the client’s unique case of meeting LL97 Carbon reduction requirements for their large portfolio of buildings, by establishing a strategy on each building individually.
  • We utilized Excel based calculations to develop energy usage & associated carbon emissions on individual buildings for an existing case (based on utility data) and proposed case (per EEM) operations. We determined projected energy savings, carbon emission reductions, potential utility incentives and cost savings.
  • We were able to determine the subject existing building emissions, project improved building emissions and align clients carbon mitigation goals with governing standards. The strategic planning included equipment replacement or upgrade recommendations that would result in carbon mitigation.
  • We worked with our client’s energy team to develop a multi-year road map of repairs, maintenance, upgrades and improvements to their building’s operation and performance to reach their sustainability goals and comply with Local Law 97 carbon emission limits over 5 years threshold periods to avoid excessive carbon emission fines.
  • Examples of the strategy & some EEMs, our team included:

    • ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits. We performed ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits and developed energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and retro-commissioning measures (RCMs) that will reduce the carbon emissions at multiple buildings within the client’s portfolio.
    • Building Management System (BMS). Replace/Upgrade existing building management systems with direct digital controlled building automated systems and associated equipment controls (e.g. dampers, actuator, valves). Enable active monitoring and automation of sequence of operations for more efficient mechanical equipment operations.
    • Chiller Plant Upgrades. Replace existing fuel based chilled water plant equipment (Steam Absorption Chiller) with electric higher performance water cooled Chiller. Upgrade constant volume chilled water distribution pumps with variable flow motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs) and more efficient pumping operations.