• Campus modernization. Through our MSA with AstraZeneca, we have worked to align with their efforts to create a dynamic campus that supports more than 4,000 employees.
  • Our projects have included new office standard renovations, lobby renovations, a new executive conference center, a site lab sanitary waste separation, a smoking mice lab pressurization and recommendation study, a process chiller study with expansion, an air handling unit replacement for the office area and site lighting calculations.
  • Our designs included a hazard zoning method to provide a safer environment for workers. Within the main lab we designed fume hoods, insuring not to disrupt airflow with traffic and minimize the need to pass a hood to egress the lab. Due to the elevated level of highly toxic chemicals, the exhaust systems for the lab were designed to be isolated from the existing general lab exhaust system.
  • We provided a feasibility study for the expansion of their BSL2 vivarium space that included four additional animal holding rooms, two procedural rooms, a necropsy space, feed storage, a cold room, an expanded office space, and a secure airlock into the facility.