CVS Advanced Technology


  • Largest drug distribution facility for the largest US pharmacy. CVS’s largest drug distribution and logistics facility consisted of a drug distribution production floor, offices/training space, Customer Experience Presentation Suite, and storage mezzanine.
  • Our technology team designed the data center and main distribution frame (MDF) room, 12 independent distribution frame (IDF) rooms, and an AV Suite.
  • The design included full redundant networks and fault tolerant (self-healing) inbound telco/data services diverse routing and DEMARC locations.
  • A new design standard. We routed the data cabling through the automation process at the base of machinery. This was the first time we used this design, which has now become a CVS standard.
  • A project of many firsts. This was also the first time we designed climate controlled IDF Cabinets for a CVS project. Now this is a standard design.
  • Most telecommunication closets were near capacity, so we installed over 2,500 data communication locations throughout the facility. There are also over 500 cameras surveying the floor production areas, 30 of which are programable PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) units.