New York Public Library


  • We were engaged by NYPL to develop a master Owner’s Project Requirement (OPR) document to outline their requirements for HVAC replacement projects that are applicable to the various building types.
  • NYPL’s major goal is to decarbonize their facilities by using air source heat pumps and variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) heat recovery units. All other supplemental heating required to make up any short falls by the new heat pump systems are composed of electrical radiant flooring or electric fin tube radiation. Gas, fuel oil or hydronic systems are no longer permitted in their facilities.
  • All systems that we selected comply with New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC) and ASHRAE Standards.
  • The standard also outlines requirements for Building Automation Systems (BAS) which can be remotely accessed from a central control office in their main facility, ensuring that all of the HVAC systems are running efficiently. NYPL recognized the opportunity for energy savings throughout their facilities and tasked us with developing a master OPR to enable them to achieve this goal.