Ionic Materials


  • We designed all of Ionic Material’s existing and expansion space. One of the major challenges faced came with the HVAC Design. Since Ionic Materials was using several chemicals in their fume hoods throughout the space, it was a requirement by the Landlord that the entire space be a one-pass (100% air in/100% air out) HVAC system type design.
  • Our team designed (2) 10,000 CFM make-up air units and (2) 10,000 CFM exhaust fans to handle the one-pass HVAC system design.
  • We had to closely coordinate all exhaust requirements with Ionic Materials as the majority of their equipment was custom and from overseas. We designed exhaust for blast gates, fume hoods, soldering stations, flexible hose fume extraction arms, etc.
  • We also had to design a dry-cooler system and pump package to deliver a glycol supply/return line to any of Ionic Materials equipment which was water-cooled.