Verizon Portfolio


  • In April of 2021, Verizon engaged our team to help with a critical submission effort for 64 owned properties within New York City. This effort required our team to quickly mobilize on surveys, documentation, and utility bill assessments to justify and request adjustments to the impact penalties before June 1, 2021.
  • Our internal team across multiple offices, along with trusted vendor partners, met the deadlines and saved Verizon hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties.


  • We supported Verizon on their largest alternative energy solutions focused on Photovoltaic and Fuel Cell projects. Our team was hired to coordinate all the turnkey vendors project efforts. We were trusted to review all designs, oversee installations, and coordinate with network engineering and facility operations for all utility tie-ins and final commissioning. This included nine projects across five states in nine months to meet the federal funding deadlines and the Verizon Green Initiative.


  • In 2010, Verizon Strategic Planning hired our team to develop the overall strategic plan to vacate over 300,000 sq. ft. of leased real estate and consolidate into their Ashburn Headquarters.
  • This was a three year planning, designing and construction effort that we managed for Verizon. Our team developed the disposition strategy out of five major leased sites in the DMV, developed and managed a three year budget spend of over $80M to support the construction of more than a dozen build-outs in Ashburn, and directed and coordinated construction efforts with trusted vendors.


  • Our team successfully supported Verizon in a national-scale assessment of over 30 underutilized, owned data centers. These assessments, completed in under six months, required us to assess overall spatial utilization, infrastructure topology, system efficiencies, and potential for sale/separation/disposition opportunities. This project showcased our ability to handle large-scale assignments.
  • We conducted site visits, developed IPORs, and prepared executive write-ups, which ultimately resulted in a wholesale disposition sale.


  • When Verizon had a push for overall consolidations and garage work center improvements, they hired our team to support the program development for over 30 sites in the DMV.
  • This project included the strategic planning efforts to assess both leased and owned sites in identifying the required improvements to maintain ongoing operations in a safe and clean facility. Our team developed and managed over $10M in capital and expense upgrades completing all efforts on time and under budget.


  • Our team has supported every major technology roll-out by Verizon over the past 20 years. Our local offices support the Network Design and Construction teams annually in executing dozens of projects every year in the five major Northeast Verizon markets. These include all aspects of infrastructure upgrades, from capacity issues and distribution to break-fix, energy upgrades and control modifications.
  • We help define budgets, overall program execution schedules, design efforts, and oversee construction efforts.


  • In 2020, we supported Verizon’s response to the pandemic and identified the best-suited indoor air quality (IAQ) control strategies for their facilities. We established ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) system design criteria and specifications and managed the rollout of the installation of over 275 units in 15 sites across nine different states.
  • This included creating contractor bid packages, pre/post-UVGI lab testing for IAQ comparisons, and developing commissioning standards and requirements.


  • Our team has surveyed and designed new or upgraded FA systems for over 4 million square feet of Verizon properties.
  • This program consisted of upgrading or replacing the fire alarm systems at 60+ Verizon sites (both central office and garage work center facilities) in the NY Metro area and upstate NY in 2021.
  • We have undertaken detailed site survey of all sites, including documentation of existing conditions using new technologies like 360 cameras and custom built digital toolbars. Surveys highlighted the existing FA and power infrastructure as well as the interconnection of multiple other trades as needed. The program includes upgrading (and, in some instances, legalizing) existing fire alarm infrastructure to bring all sites up to current code and compatibility with the latest industry standards for smoke detection, UL268 7th edition. With a program of this scale, utilizing our OneWB strategy of cross-office communication and sharing of resources has been key. With the program, we engage engineers, project managers, and technical staff from our NY and Boston offices in parallel based on a series of shared program standards and a cohesive QA/QC process.