• This project involved providing Owners Project Management (OPM) services for InductEV, with a focus on coordinating in-flight projects for inductive charging assemblies. The role required managing project deliverables and schedules among stakeholders, ensuring compliance with technical standards, and overseeing the procurement and delivery of InductEV-supplied products to contractors.
  • We organized pre-commissioning and commissioning services, coordinated in-field UL inspections, and obtained final approvals. Our work included developing pre-commissioning standard procedures, verifying equipment, and executing the InductEV Ground Assembly commissioning test plan. The coordination process also involved managing communication and schedules to ensure timely completion of each project milestone.
  • The client was experiencing significant growth, leading to exciting changes in staffing and manufacturing. This transformation was a great opportunity to build and refine their processes, bringing new energy to project management and coordination. InductEV needed additional project management and commissioning support to ensure smooth transitions as they adapted to their evolving team and resource structure.
  • We functioned as an extension of the client’s team, facilitating communication between InductEV and their customers. Our role involved not just project management but also providing solutions to the client’s evolving processes and needs.
  • Interesting fact. We currently have over 20 ongoing projects and counting with InductEV.