Confidential Client


  • This project involved supporting an electric vehicle charging service provider in identifying and evaluating potential real estate locations for new Direct-Current Fast Charger (DCFC) EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the required power and amenity infrastructure.
  • The client aimed to roll out a new portfolio of EV charging stations while integrating industry best practices and lessons learned.
  • We assessed potential sites for feasibility based on multiple factors, including:

    • Utility capacity
    • Zoning and permitting procedures
    • ADA accessibility
    • Property acquisition costs
    • Land development prerequisites
    • Construction costs
    • Project Schedules
  • We developed conceptual plans for site development and customized them for each location, accommodating different charging topologies to meet the client’s requirements. These plans were essential for aligning project goals with stakeholder expectations.
  • Being new to the market, the client did not have fully established processes or benchmarking tools, which added complexity to the project.
  • We were engaged with the client from day one, providing advisory services based on our extensive experience in the EV space. This early involvement allowed us to guide the client through the process and help establish effective strategies for the project’s success