• We converted a vacant automobile storage parcel into an ‘alternative fuels and recharging facility’ for a private fleet of autonomous/self-driving electric vehicles. The two adjacent sites consisted of 28 charging units serving 56 charging stalls.
  • In addition to the charging units, we’ve designed a modular breakroom unit with a standard restroom, ADA restroom, Janitor’s closet, and office space in a compact 448 sq. ft. unit. We’ve also provided a structural canopy with solar panels, a complete landscaping & irrigation plan, plumbing plan and a low voltage IT/security design.
  • One of the most interesting aspects of this project was navigating the permitting process with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Along with the building permit, we worked closely with the local Architectural Review Board, which offered valuable feedback on our designs, screening, and landscaping. This collaborative process helped us better integrate with the surrounding area.
  • To ensure safety during the utility connection work in the public right-of-way, we developed a comprehensive temporary traffic control plan. Afterward, we applied for an excavation permit to complete the work. We achieved a significant milestone by securing the Temporary Traffic Control Permit in a single submission—an exceptional accomplishment in this jurisdiction. This success demonstrates the strength of our planning and teamwork.
  • Balancing the owner’s IT and security requirements while integrating the electrical infrastructure for the tenant’s IT systems was a key factor. Additionally, the need to accommodate autonomous/self-driving electric vehicles added complexity, creating unique challenges in both design and permitting.