Confidential Client


  • We were engaged by our client to perform an energy analysis on some of their facilities in Massachusetts. The facilities accommodate manufacturing, administration and storage areas. The analysis was part of our client’s goal to have 50% of their facilities net zero by 2020.
  • We surveyed the facilities and identified potential opportunities for energy savings from equipment replacement and updates, maintenance items and plant optimization. The opportunities included a program for lamp replacement, upgrades to the existing building management system (BMS), economizer cycles and variable frequency drives (VFDs). We performed energy calculations for each of the opportunities and estimated capital costs and return on investments (ROI).
  • We also evaluated the potential of utilizing alternative sources of energy including wind turbines, solar thermal/PV, biomass, geothermal and fuel cells.
  • Our energy analysis report contributed to the approval of $4,000,000 energy management capital program that resulted in $2,600,000 in energy savings in just 18 months.