Confidential Client


  • Greenhouse gas adjustments. We performed a carbon mitigation study for properties across our client’s portfolio by analyzing operating energy use, associated carbon emissions, carbon impact/reduction from system upgrades, and compliance with local law 97 carbon emissions standards.
  • The focus of this study was to meet LL97 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Adjustment requirements for their large portfolio of buildings by establishing a strategy for a single building.
  • We utilized Trace 700 software to develop energy usage and associated carbon emissions on a single building for an existing case (calibrated model), hypothetical case (ASHRAE baseline model), and proposed case (design model) operations. We used New York City LL97 Carbon Emission factors to quantify carbon emissions for each case.
  • A strategy that works. We determined the subjects existing building emissions, projected improved building emissions and aligned the client’s carbon mitigation goals with governing standards. Our efforts resulted in a carbon mitigation strategy accepted by the governing authority (DOE, LL97) as a special case, which our team could then duplicate on more than 60 other buildings across the client’s portfolio.