Tiffany & Co.


  • We were engaged by Tiffany & Co. to provide engineering services for their headquarter relocation. Our services also included design and LEED submissions to achieve their target of LEED Platinum certification, the first LEED Platinum project in New York City.
  • The original target for the project was LEED Gold but late on in the design this target was changed to LEED Platinum. We worked with the project team to assess what was needed as extra credits for the project to become Platinum certified, what impact this had on the overall system designs, cost and schedule.
  • We developed an approach to achieve this including selection of highly efficient HVAC, and plumbing equipment, a sophisticated lighting control system and improvements in light power densities.
  • We also gained some innovation credit based on installing meters on all energy systems being utilized by the Tiffany & Co. facility including meters on base building equipment. The meters were tied into Tiffany’s stand-alone BMS and the information was utilized to track energy usage, display energy usage on a dashboard for the occupants and to report energy usage by the company as part of their global energy reporting initiative.
  • The project successfully attained its target of LEED Platinum with a score of 89 out of a possible 110 points.