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Addressing a huge increase in energy costs

When Verizon realized that the steam and electrical energy costs at this building had increased a total of 25% over a four-year period, they hired us to conduct an ASHRAE Level III energy audit of the entire 32-story building in order to identify energy savings opportunities. Because the building was designed as a critical facility but no longer housed critical equipment, its systems were oversized and inefficient.

Following our audit, we presented Verizon with five different scenarios for modifying the building MEP systems and the potential savings for each option. We also recommended implementing a number of immediate changes with less than a five-year payback. These changes included: provide lighting controls to allow for automatic time scheduling of the lighting systems; provide time scheduling for the AHU’s; provide VFD’s and zone isolation dampers for the existing AHU’s; and installing standalone, dedicated chilled water A/C units to serve the LAN and computer equipment rooms for after-hour use.

Verizon did implement these changes as well as move forward to implement one of the scenarios that we recommended for more long term savings.

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Determine how to reduce energy consumption of MEP/FP systems and save money.