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Achieve Sustainable Goals: Decarbonization Services for Buildings

By Desmond Greene

Businesses have a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices. Building owners and managers in particular can make a significant impact on the strategy for their buildings to do so. Here are the decarbonization services we provide to support building owners and managers.


  • Energy Audits: Our energy audits provide clients with a clear understanding of energy-saving opportunities in their buildings. Through detailed analysis and surveys, we identify areas for improving energy use and cost. Based on our report and advisory services, we help clients implement measures that reduce their carbon footprint while saving costs.
  • ESG Consulting: We assist clients in understanding and enhancing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings through our consulting services. Our offerings include master planning, sustainability reporting, and development of sustainability plans to improve ESG ratings. We help clients achieve sustainability goals and gain a competitive edge in ESG rankings.
  • Green Building Certifications: Achieving a green building certification adds to a building’s value. We help clients navigate the certification process for programs like LEED, WELL, and Green Globes, promoting sustainable building practices in the process. We ensure that the clients’ buildings follow the relevant energy-efficient guidelines that positively impact the environment and community.
  • Incentives & Rebate programs: Our team works with clients and utility providers to determine incentives, rebates, and financing opportunities available with energy-efficient investment. We help clients maximize efficiency and financial benefits while meeting their decarbonization targets.
  • Performance Benchmarking: Performance benchmarking compares the energy usage of different buildings. We use benchmarking data to identify areas for improvement and develop effective energy reduction, and decarbonization strategies. With our support, clients can make informed, data-driven decisions and meet their energy and sustainability goals.
  • Regional Policy Compliance: As climate action plans become more common, complying with regional policies has become more complicated and confusing. We provide audit services to identify preservation measures and take advantage of incentives to avoid penalties and meet regional requirements. Our services include identifying eligible replacements, making recommendations, applying for incentives, and more.
  • Strategic Decarbonization Planning: Our strategic decarbonization planning services help identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in building operations. We assess the building operations, provide master plan development and implementation support. We also provide incentive and rebate program support.

We understand that building owners and managers make an impact on sustainable practices. Our team is committed to providing our clients with tailored solutions that improve their ESG ratings, reduce carbon emissions, and save on cost. Visit our decarbonization service page to learn more.