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Introducing the Explorer

Clients and colleagues often ask us general questions about MEP systems and design. And that got us thinking that it would be great if there were a resource to find answers to those frequently asked questions. There are such resources with different pieces of the MEP puzzle, but none that put all of the pieces together. So we created our own – the Explorer. It’s a fun interactive drawing which shows all of the systems working together behind the walls and above the ceilings.

Visit the Explorer.

White Papers

Topic: Implications of New Special Inspection Requirements for Facility Owners

Owners doing construction projects are now required to hire accredited Special Inspectors directly. They should be happy about this change because it means an increased level of independence to achieve a finished project that reflects the approved design. This white paper outlines what Owners need to be aware of when hiring a Special Inspector, including where to find an accredited firm, and when to engage the Special Inspector in order to maintain their project schedules.

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Topic: Considerations for Deploying Containerized Data Center Solutions

Container solutions offer new possibilities for the construction of data centers, providing the benefit of high-density power and cooling systems within a compact footprint. But is this the best solution for your project? In this white paper, Michael Quigley outlines factors that should be considered, including power and chilled water availability, the local approval process, the ability to integrate the container systems into the existing building systems, site work, the PUE, and why it matters what your operational staff thinks.

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