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Central Utilities / Infrastructure

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Verizon, 50 Varick Street

Supporting a building sale

"As part of Verizon’s long term real estate plan, they sold a number of their buildings in the New York market and leased back portions of the buildings from the new owner. We had the opportunity to work on many of these network separation projects as the prime consultant, including 5o Varick Street. 

We led a team of architects and engineers responsible for consolidating Verizon’s operations to three full floors, part of the first floor and the basement. The team completely separated the MEP systems serving these floors from the base building MEP systems – creating a virtual building within a building.

For this project, one of the major challenges was that the building was home to E911 telecom equipment which would need to be relocated. We worked with an electrical contractor to verify the existing conditions and to provide instantaneous load readings at strategic locations for this relocation effort. 

We designed a new owner electric service for the new owner by segregating two of the four existing electric service take-offs and providing two dedicated, Con Edison metered 4,000 ampere busduct risers for the exclusive use of the new owner. The existing Con Edison steam service was also turned over to the new Owner. The systems that Verizon maintained to serve their equipment included three electric centrifugal chillers and associated cooling towers. 

To serve the equipment that Verizon kept in the building, we designed a new sprinkler infrastructure system, new water services, and a new electric service.

Our consulting for Verizon on network separation projects goes far beyond MEP engineering and managing the design team. We also prepared condo documents, coordinated with Verizon’s legal team, and coordinated with the new building owner."

Project Type
Central Utilities / Infrastructure
New York, NY

Project Services

Electrical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: incoming electrical service including switch, switchboards and main distribution, electrical riser, infrastructure for emergency generator, lighting and power drawings, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Mechanical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following: mechanical systems: HVAC system, chiller plant, air handling units, exhaust, boiler, steam risers, control valves and steam traps, life safety generator and BMS.

Plumbing (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: domestic water mains, sanitary and domestic water risers, duplex pump set, house trap, and gas service.

Strategic Services

Provided consulting services in which we helped our client address their business goals in the built environment.