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Being involved early makes a big difference

Our client’s certainly benefit when our engineering and commissioning teams are brought into a project early in the process. We began collaborating with the team for Toyota’s New York headquarters during the preliminary planning. Even at that stage we began the process of value engineering to ensure that Toyota would stay within their project budget.

Being involved early in the project early on also gave us the opportunity to really understand Toyota’s existing space. We performed several comparative studies between the old and the design of the new space to ensure that people would be comfortable – and productive. 

Our commissioning team tested all of the HVAC equipment and lighting systems. This included testing the sequence of operations of the AC units, VAV boxes, exhaust fans, and condenser water pumps.

WB functionally tested all nine above-ceiling supplemental air conditioning units and confirmed that the leak detection sequence operated properly. We also confirmed that the supply air louver oscillation feature on the AC Unit in the IT room worked. From this testing, we found that the associated condensing unit’s isolation valves were modulating open and closed. We determined that this was being caused by the current transducer not being properly set. By recalibrating the current transducer the issue was resolved.

Project Type
New York, NY
TSC Design Associates
Square Footage
LEED Certification Level

Project Services

Electrical (Interiors)

Prepared electrical lighting drawings for fixture circuiting, specification and switching. Prepared power drawings with circuiting, panels, transformers, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Fire Alarm (Interiors)

Prepared drawings showing selections and locations for ADA compliant audible and visual fire alarm devices.

Fire Protection (Interiors)

Prepared drawings showing distribution piping and locations of sprinkler heads, preaction and/or FM 200 systems.

Fundamental Commissioning

Working as the owner’s advocate to fulfill the Fundamental Commissioning Pre-Requisite for LEED Certification, ensured that the MEP systems were installed and operate as described in the contract documents.


Designed MEP systems in compliance with the LEED certification requirements. Performed calculations and provided submittals, drawings and narratives for all MEP pre-requisites and credits, as required by the USGBC.

Mechanical (Interiors)

Designed HVAC systems including transfer fans, environmental requirements, controls and management systems.

Plumbing (Interiors)

Designed plumbing fixture locations and rough-in requirements.

Technology Consulting

Designed a technology infrastructure, and coordinated performance and layout requirements with business and related technology plans. Addressed equipment spatial requirements, pathways, bandwidth, cabling systems, performance, systems administration, equipment refresh impacts, and ROI analysis on specified infrastructures.