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Containerized Data Center

Design of a data center with a containerized solution, serial number 1

We have a great relationship with Verizon that goes beyond engineering – they often look to us on projects to be their technical advisor. We simplify complex technical information for them so that they can easily make decisions – many of which can have a significant impact on their business.

For project Oasis, we represented Verizon as part of the Design and Delivery Leadership Group. We were responsible for creating the overall basis of design for this large data center design projects, which in its initial design phases included five sites throughout the world.

In addition to our consulting role, we were the Engineer of Record for a 500,000 sq. ft. site in the US. Some of the interesting features of the design included: an ultimate IT design load of 20MW; multiple tiered structure/varied redundancy requirements; maximum energy efficiency, including free cooling; and state of the art mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

One special note about this project is that we designed it to utilize a containerized solution. A data center container looks like a shipping container and is set up to accommodate IT equipment. This solution can be attractive to data center clients because it offers a generally easy way to add capacity to a data center. The containers can really be customized to meet a client’s needs, and are a good option for the secure and practical use of IT equipment.

The design phase of this project was completed and we look forward to continuing to work with the team when the project goes into the implementation phase.

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