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Confidential Client

Not leaving anything to chance

Some clients don’t want to leave anything to chance, and this project was for one of those clients. In addition to wanting to earn points towards LEED certification, this client wanted to be sure that all of their MEP systems would operate as designed. To that end, we commissioned all critical systems for this project. We found many installation issues that needed to be addressed. But because these issues were found during construction, they could be fixed more easily and without an additional cost to the client.

During startup and functional testing, we performed balancing verification. We found that some of the fan powered boxes were set up by the balancer to have the same maximum and minimum CFM. Without a defined range, the unit was unable to modulate and properly control the temperature in the space.

Another concern that we identified during functional testing was an improper sequence of operation for the CO2 control. Had this not been identified during construction, this could have been a much more complicated issue to fix. But since it was identified early, we able to resolve the issue with new CO2 controls and by modifying an existing economizer mode on the existing rooftop unit.

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LEED Certification Level

Project Services

Fundamental Commissioning

Working as the owner’s advocate to fulfill the Fundamental Commissioning Pre-Requisite for LEED Certification, ensured that the MEP systems were installed and operate as described in the contract documents.


Designed MEP systems in compliance with the LEED certification requirements. Performed calculations and provided submittals, drawings and narratives for all MEP pre-requisites and credits, as required by the USGBC.