Living Proof


  • Innovation and Design. Living Proof, a Cambridge, MA-based cosmetic company, occupies part of the Innovation and Design Building. Our MEP/FP design services included the build-out of their space.
  • We renovated an open office area, an education center to support clients’ training, a working salon with sinks, conference rooms, and a space to display Living Proof’s products. A 100% open office environment is perfect for viewing their product display.
  • Transforming lab space. Living Proof’s lab space included several large pieces of equipment and fume hoods, so our team designed the ductwork so that the exhaust would expel from the building through an exterior louver.
  • Living Proof uses their space not only to develop their products, but also to test them. We designed a training center for 20+ hair stylists to come in and use their products. We also designed a real salon in their space for people to get their hair done.