Electrify America


  • Design of a nationwide program. We supported Electrify America’s goal to promote greater zero-emission vehicle adoption by building the nation’s largest network of electrical vehicle charging stations along highways, at workplaces, and in multi-family residential communities in big cities and small towns.
  • We provided electrical engineering services to survey and design new charging stations in Electrify America’s test parking lot at their Reston, VA headquarters.
  • Our design efforts included engineering for the installation of twenty-four Level II AC electric charging stations, as well as eight Level III DC fast charging dispensers.
  • New electric service. We also coordinated with the local utility company to provide a new 3000A electrical service, both 480Y/277V and 208Y/120V distribution equipment and review different charging equipment manufacturing data to design the appropriate AC and DC wiring system.
  • Our design was approved by Electrify America and used to develop the final prototype for the nationwide roll-out of EV charging facilities.