Governors Island is the site of educational, non-profit and commercial facilities, as well as world-class open space in the New York Harbor. For almost two centuries, Governors Island was a military base; the Coast Guard closed the Island in 1996. New York’s leaders recognized the island’s potential, and in 2003 the federal government sold most of the island to the people of New York for $1.

Our team has completed multiple projects on the island, including preparing its infrastructure for future development. We determined the condition of the underground utility systems including storm pipes, manholes, water and gas lines systems providing economically feasible design solutions to identified problems, and overseeing the installation of proposed plans. We also designed a new pump house to overhaul the outdated drainage system that conveys runoff from the interior of the island via 32,000 LF of piping to the degraded seawall and into the harbor.

Additional projects included the design of a new stormwater conveyance system, analysis of the sanitary sewer system, and upgrades to existing HVAC systems in several public buildings.