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Warehouse Technology Solutions

By Chuck Corradi

Have you ever seen or thought about what happens inside a warehouse? Often, we think of inventory, shelves, and, of course, people. But one important thing that people may overlook is the technology systems throughout the warehouse that help it operate more efficiently. We have the expertise to design and install the network infrastructure that is a foundation for such technology through our IT/AV/Security consulting services.

The technology solution for every warehouse and every client is different. One common example is the use of wired and wireless network technology. What is the difference?


Wired network technology and wireless technology are two types of network infrastructure that we design in warehouses. Wired network technology relies on fiber optic connected telecommunication closets (cabinets) placed strategically and distributed throughout a facility. This is required to distribute network connectivity within ethernet standards. Wireless technology is the primary operational medium and is required for mobility throughout the warehouse; used for everything from handheld scanners, wands, or headsets to automation and robotics. Wireless access points become a challenge to locate based on the warehouse’s heigh and its host cabinet’s location. We have experience deploying this technology and have done so in facilities of up to a million square feet.

Our team has over 13 years of experience designing and developing distributed IT technology throughout massive warehouses and distribution facilities. We are experts in this space (here are some projects our team has worked on) and in IT/AV/Security consulting, and we are available to answer questions. Please get in touch by emailing ccorradi@wbengineering.com.