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Leading the Way in ESG

By Desmond Greene


What does it mean to lead the way in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)? These three factors are essential to measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an organization. As an asset manager, how can you accomplish your sustainability goals and measure their impact? One of the ways is through the Green Building Initiative (GBI), and their Green Globes program. On January 26, I attended GBI’s Sustainable Buildings & ESG Seminar in Boston, MA, and gained a deeper understanding of the answers to these questions.


The Green Building Initiative is a global provider of the Green Globes, a four-level certification system to measure the sustainability of a building, with a mission to “reduce climate impacts by improving the built environment.” We are excited to be partnering with them because our team’s purpose is to improve the environment through thoughtful engineering and to leave the world better than we found it. And we get to do just that!

As a partner, we understand the process of these certifications and what is necessary to achieve each green globe rating. That means that with our clients, we can advise them through the certification process. As an engineering firm, we are already focused on designing MEP systems that result in low carbon emissions. So, if our clients want to achieve a Green Globe certification with their project, our MEP designs will help with this. To be specific, Green Globes allocates 26% of 1,000 possible New Construction points to Energy and 31% of the 1,000 points for existing buildings. This is the most significant point allocation out of six sections. Properties achieving 35% or higher receive a Green Globes rating.

If you are an asset manager looking to lead the way in ESG, get started by contacting me at dgreene@wbengineering.com. We are happy to provide our technical expertise and look forward to this continued partnership with GBI. In fact, we will be presenting in New York at their NYC Sustainable Buildings & Decarbonization seminar on April 6, 2023! Join us by registering using this link. In the meantime, we have a service page here with more information about decarbonization and what that means. Check it out to learn more!