Our Work

Our Commitment to Sustainability

By Desmond Greene


  • To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the international community set a goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. As governments, cities, and individual companies plan for the future, it’s clear that transitioning to a sustainable world is a challenge that we must address together.
  • Our Energy & Sustainability team has helped clients develop and implement strategies to achieve their goals of reducing energy usage, carbon emissions, and improving their ESG scores. We use our technical expertise and vast experience to make these goals a reality in a cost-effective way utilizing incentives, rebates, and tax deductions.
  • We help our clients with local and state policies compliance. Examples of laws/policies that we’ve helped clients meet include Local Law 97, BERDO 2.0, BEPP, BEPS, and Energize Denver.
  • We are committed to helping the real estate industry reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions as well as achieve the global target of net-zero energy by 2050.