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Investing in Our Planet: MEP 2040 Challenge

By The Decarb Team

This Earth Day, we are focusing on the theme of Investing in Our Planet. Buildings represent about 40% of greenhouse emissions. The global building stock is expected to double by 2060. Buildings have a long lifetime, and today’s decisions can lock in future emissions for decades. We are focused on creating healthy and energy efficient buildings for the sake of the environment and the people occupying these spaces. By committing to the MEP 2040 Challenge, we are working towards decarbonizing building portfolios, improving building performance, and limiting the impact of embodied carbon in our designs.  


The Carbon Leadership Forum established the MEP 2040 Challenge in the fall of 2021. It states, “All systems engineers shall advocate for and achieve net zero carbon in their projects: operational carbon by 2030 and embodied carbon by 2040.” We are one of over 60 companies to respond to the challenge and sign the commitment. We have pledged to establish a company plan, request low-GWP refrigerants, request EPDs and participate in MEP 2040 forums.  


We are leaders in the decarbonization space. Our team strives to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions to minimize environmental impacts and reduce energy costs. We use our technical expertise to provide Strategic Decarbonization Planning, Energy Audits, and Performance Benchmarking. A couple of our decarbonization projects include over 6.8 million sq. ft. of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects for Verizon and 2 million sq. ft. of energy audits for our clients in New York City. For a full list of services and more information about our projects, please visit our decarbonization service page.

We are excited to be a part of the MEP 2040 Challenge and work alongside other great companies to achieve a more sustainable world. To read more about the challenge and the Carbon Leadership Forum, click here 

Happy Earth Day!