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BERDO 2.0 Third-Party Verification

By Desmond Greene


BERDO stands for the Boston Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance. BERDO requires large buildings in Boston to report their yearly energy and water use. Over time, the goal is to reduce energy and water use data throughout the city. Our Managing Director, Energy & Sustainability, Desmond Greene, and Project Manager, Marcus Hazelwood, are our experts!

The Third-Party Data Verification for the new BERDO 2.0 requirements deadline is coming up on June 15, 2022, and with an extension, December 15, 2022. This means it may be an excellent opportunity to connect and go through the step-by-step verification instructions.


(1) Find a Qualified Energy Professional. The first thing people will need to do is find a qualified professional outside of their organization that holds credentials accepted by the city. 

(2) Send BERDO Report to Third-Party Verifier. Once the reporting form is complete, a Third-Party Verifier will review the form and either approve the reported data or reject the data. 

(3) Assist with the verification process. In this step, the Third-Party Verifier will look at the Portfolio Manager account data and any relevant information and review any errors or inconsistencies. Then, they will talk about how to resolve them with the building owner. 

(4) Keep any verification records. Once this verification is complete, the Verifier will need to send a signed Data Verification Checklist to the building owner. Owners must keep a copy of each checklist for a minimum of ten years. 

If you’d like to know how we can help or have more questions about the verification process, Des and Marcus are always excited to talk about energy and sustainability. If you’d visit the City of Boston’s official website, please click here