Our Work

Battery Facilities & Clean Energy

By Fran Coffey


The demand for energy in the United States is high and spans almost every industry. As a result of this demand, we know that it is important to find alternative sources to obtain it and solutions for storing it sustainably. One way to produce energy is batteries (think lithium batteries for luxury cars or large battery storage containers to capture renewable energies). And our team is currently working on numerous battery facility projects.


One project we are excited about is for Ambri, completing the design of their new innovation hub. Ambri provides long-lasting battery energy storage systems that change how power grids operate. The system increases the use of renewable resources and reduces the need to build traditional power plants. The innovation hub is 140,000 sq. ft. and is located in Milford, MA.

This project is currently in schematic design, and it is interesting because Ambri is using this facility to create cutting-edge technology. The spaces will mimic some of their current research and development spaces. Our team is also helping to create a manufacturing pilot plant. The pilot plant aims to establish a method of mass-producing this intriguing technology. With that comes unknowns of where we can leverage our experience to best help and guide Ambri for the most flexibility while staying within budget. 

Ambri is an example of why we love what we do. We enjoy being a part of making the global environment better through thoughtful engineering. And we look forward to providing engineering solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges right now. Creating more sustainable ways to produce energy is just one.

Cision also highlighted their innovation hub in this article, which talks more about the manufacturing facility. To learn more about Ambri, what they do, and who they are, please visit their website here.