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Get off the Grid: How to Make Critical Facilities Sustainable

By Jimmy Sneed


Experts estimate that by 2030, there will be 25.4 billion smart devices for a projected population of 8.5 billion. This means that every person will have about three smart devices. To support these devices, we’ll need more critical facilities (notorious for their high energy use). Currently, critical facilities worldwide use about 1% of all the power generated. This number is anticipated to increase to 8% by 2030. This could challenge our electrical grids. And factors like phasing out natural gas and electric vehicle charging make this even more challenging. To make these facilities energy-efficient, it will require more onsite energy production in critical facility designs. 

During our webinar, we’ll talk through the options, from solar farms to wind farms to microgrids to nuclear reactors. We’ll also describe the best path to achieving sustainability for critical facilities.

Please click here to view our on-demand recording of the webinar.