Confidential Client


  • Two project goals. This mission critical collocation and hosting facility was designed to be both easy to maintain and meet high industry standards for Tier III data centers.
  • We based our design on Uptime Institute’s Tier III Design Topology, as well as the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) 942 specifications for: network architecture; electrical design; fil storage, backup and archiving; system redundancy; network access control and security; database management; web hosting; application hosting; content distribution; environmental control; protection against physical hazards (fire, flood, windstorm); and power management.
  • The facility meets the requirements of PCI, HIPPA, SAS/SSAE and other data security standards. The operational sustainability is less than 99.999% and major power and LAN components are concurrently maintainable from facility demarcation to the customer’s infrastructure.
  • We also designed a physical security system and a central fuel system for the storage, distribution, fill and polishing systems in compliance with NFPA 30 industry best practices.