Confidential Client


  • We were engaged by our longtime client to perform analysis and energy audits on 25 sites in the Northeast. These sites were the highest energy consuming sites in our client’s portfolio and included data centers, mission critical facilities and manufacturing facilities.
  • We conducted a detailed energy audit of the facilities to determine how to improve operational performance and made recommendations for energy conservation measures (ECMs) and retrocommissioning measures (RCMs) that would reduce the facility energy usage.
  • The analyses that we performed included:

    • Detailed review of existing air conditioning systems, capacities, layout, airflow and sequence of
    • Detailed calculations, analyses and review of the cooling load profile of the facilities to determine
      any potential savings that could be obtained by adjusting the operation of the systems and
      adjustment to setpoints.
    • We assessed the use of hot aisle/cold aisle configurations for more efficient and effective
      operations in the data centers
    • We reviewed the design, layout and operation of the uninterruptible power systems (UPS) in each
    • Consolidation of equipment with smaller areas to reduce cooling loads required
  • We performed detailed calculations (excel spreadsheet based) to estimate energy savings from the ECMs, RCMs and operational adjustments and to determine the return on investments (ROIs). We developed a master plan for short medium- and long-term improvements to the facilities that resulted in an estimated 30% reduction in energy across their facilities.
  • Equipment evaluated in this analysis included:

    • Computer room air conditioning units (CRACs)
    • Chilled water systems, cooling towers and pumps with variable frequency
    • Air cooled condensing units and drycoolers
    • Building management systems (BMS)