Confidential Client


  • A national contract. Through our national contract with this electric car company, we have provided services specific to the electric car industry on both the east and west coasts.
  • We provided preliminary survey and design on projects ranging from retail and service stations to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and electric charging lounges.
  • This included lighting and photometric design, updated electrical plans for D cabinets to show all feeders from new switchboard MSBB to cabinets, and changed MSBB to current.
  • We designed new conduit routing for new racks, panel location, and conduit routing to accommodate the chiller and associated equipment (pumps, heat exchanger, expansion tank, buffer tank, etc.) relocations.
  • We also designed four Libert-CRV Row Based Coolers (40KW each @480V/3PH) and two Libert Mini-Mate 2 (28KW each @480V/3PH).
  • We verified and coordinated the power source to support the additional mechanical equipment.