Our team has worked on several Bright Horizons throughout the Northeast. Each project began with a due diligence study prior to signing the lease to help our client understand how the MEP systems could work with their project goals.

The majority of the sites were located in former offices, so we had to upgrade the existing systems for the change in occupancy. That meant that we had to make numerous plumbing upgrades to accommodate for the additional bathrooms and sinks. We also designed new sprinkler systems, as well as smoke detection and CO2 monitoring systems. Designing for early childhood education means that there are more stringent safety standards that we need to comply with such as locating heaters and thermostats higher.

One of the recent projects, in Brookline, MA, included the demolition of an existing office which was renovated into a new early education and preschool facility to accommodate over 100 children. The expanded facility includes classrooms for children ranging from infants to per-kindergarten, an interior playroom, a staff lounge, a kitchen area, office space for employees, and an exterior playground.