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Creating the Future: Engineer's Week

By Julie Pampuch

This week is Engineer’s Week, and the theme is creating the future and celebrating how engineers create new possibilities that make the world a better place (learn more about the 2023 theme here).

The future is electric. So, this year, we wanted to do two things for Engineer’s Week: celebrate our team and focus on our impact in designing electric charging infrastructure.


Some of the most significant issues in the world need engineering solutions, and we are thankful to have a team that is committed to our purpose of leaving the world better than we found it. We are proud of the great work that our team does to build our future. Thank you!


When we think about creating the future and impact work, designing electrical vehicle charging infrastructure comes to mind. Here are the top three ways that we’re leading the way in engineering this infrastructure:

  1. We are supporting the government’s initiative to install over 500,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers throughout the United States by 2023. We have designed over 800 EV projects to support this initiative.
  2. We are creating new EV charging infrastructure to support the EV charger installations around the country. Through our program, we are proud to have worked in 500 cities, over 200 jurisdictions, and with 110 separate utility providers.
  3. We are building EV experts. Our EV team leaders, Sarah MacLean and Asya Hackett, manage and mentor a team of 30 dedicated EV professionals. As our EV program grows, so will this team!

As we imagine the future, we are excited about all the possibilities regarding electric vehicles. We are ready to continue to help our clients understand electric cars and the charging infrastructure needed to make the transition from gas power to electric possible.

Please visit this page if you’d like to learn more about select EV projects that we have worked on recently. Happy Engineer’s Week!