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The Future of Sustainability: An On-Demand Webinar

By Jimmy Sneed


On September 15, our team hosted a webinar, ‘A $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Battery Storage, and Nuclear Energy: The Future of Sustainability,’ in which I shared how an investment in infrastructure is an important part of the future of sustainability. An on-demand recording is now available!

If you’d like to hear the conversation, the full webinar can be found on our YouTube channel. You can access the channel through our events page or directly using this link.

By watching the recording, you’ll learn how the Biden Administration’s bill impacts our industry. Specifically,

  • How the nation can make efforts to become all electric without impacting service to the customer. Including a discussion of the difficulties of this given the increased demand placed on the power grid and the vulnerabilities of the grid.
  • How the bill aims to increase the network of EV charging stations to support the push towards electric vehicles, while upgrading the power infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. These upgrades include moving towards the use of more sustainable energy, as well as increasing the resilience of the infrastructure against cyber and physical threats.
  • The role batteries will play in moving towards a more sustainable future. Focus is given to the new, emerging technologies in the field, as well as the current topic of batteries v. nuclear energy. This includes a brief overview of the important question of fire protection regarding the use of lithium batteries and the increased importance of this issue moving forward.

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Our next webinar will be hosted by our code consulting expert, Andy Shanahan. He will present on fire protection in laboratories.