Our People

Roles of a Technical Leader

By Gregory Riley


We believe that quality matters in transforming building infrastructure and environments to transform business. And one way we assure that we are uncompromising on delivering quality is by the role and the work of our technical leaders.

Our technical leaders are responsible for many things, but here are the top five that have changed how we work by delivering even better quality:

1.) Our technical leaders, companywide, play a large role in our QA/QC process. For the technical leaders to be able to review the project in detail at the end (QC), it is imperative that they are involved at the initial kickoff, review of the high level basis of design documents, meetings, and project QA to understand the project scope and requirements.

2.) They teach our team but are also continuously learning themselves. Our technical leaders are up-to-date on all of the latest codes, standards, and industry trends meaning that they are great resources and teachers.

3.) Our technical experts produce custom content through Pinnacle Series, our internal training resource, to teach our team anytime, anywhere. This has been an incredibly effective tool as we have continued to work remotely.

4.) Over the years, we’ve seen success in our intern program. Our technical leaders are engaged in intern training and ensure that our interns know what they need to be successful.

5.) Our technical leaders are our go-to brainstormers. Our team goes to them with creative project ideas, and together, brainstorm the best solutions for our clients.

With these roles in mind, we decided to ask our technical leaders what their favorite part of the job is. They said that it is mentoring our team members and then seeing them succeed on a project. Help to empower the team and to have confidence in making decisions – there’s nothing better!