Our People

Welcome, Intern Class of 2022!

By Michael Maldonado


Today, our team welcomes our Class of 2022 interns – 17 in total! Of the 17, we welcome back four of them – Michael, Thomas, Yashwi, and Liam.

We look forward to an engaging week where everyone will be learning about who we are and what we do. And as part of the intern training, people will do a virtual site walk-through, Revit software training, and trade-specific training (all led by our team!).

Fun fact: our intern program is an important part of recruiting and growing our team, and we are proud to have had over 25 interns transition to full-time employees, including four this year (welcome back, John, Chris, Rachel, and Wyatt!).

That brings us to our next bit of good news! We are welcoming a total of seven new hires to the team all around the country. We look forward to seeing how each of them help us transform business.

Welcome, everyone! We are so glad that you were able to join us this year!


  • Alexander L. |Electrical
  • Alvin J. | Mechanical
  • Anna L. | Electrical
  • Bhadra B. | Electrical
  • Brett G. | Mechanical
  • Chris B. | Plumbing/P
  • Colton D.| Mechanical
  • Emma M.| Mechanical
  • Emmanuel V. | Fire Protection
  • Gillian R.| Mechanical
  • Joseph L. | Electrical
  • Liam C. | Project Services
  • Michael C. | Plumbing/FP
  • Shea M. | MarComm
  • Sophia S. | MarComm
  • Thomas G. | MarComm
  • Yashi K. | Mechanical


  • April H. | Mechanical
  • Brandon O. | Electrical
  • Chris R. | Mechanical
  • John F. | Electrical
  • Rachel B. | Mechanical
  • Virginia M. | Mechanical
  • Wyatt B. | Electrical

Our Director of Talent Management, Michael Maldonado, leads our intern program, so if interested, please email him or fill out the form on our Connect page. There are also Live Information Sessions available with Michael every Wednesday, anytime between 3-4 PM EST. Sign up on our Join Us page and have him answer questions live!