End of Year Promotions

By Michael Quigley


    The success of our business is driven by our team members who exemplify our core values of extreme ownership, quality, and teamwork. Congratulations to our team members who have earned their promotions!

    Managing Director, DC Office
    Bart Stewart

    Managing Director, East Bay Office
    Kevin Sotto

    Managing Director, New York Office
    Rob Andersen

    Gregory Riley
    Keith Cannizzaro
    Jesse Fisher
    Jonathan Burke
    Chuck Corradi

    Associate Principal
    Andy Shanahan

    Associate Principal & Managing Director of IT
    Paul Schleppy

    Senior Associate & Team Leader
    Ryan French
    Jak Janta
    Patrick Lynch

    Senior Associate
    Patrick Meade
    Eddie Delahunt
    Susan Brash

    Brian Hellrigel
    Michael Birmingham
    Amer Becirovic
    Alyssa Marino
    Chris Amato

    Associate & Senior Project Manager
    Alex Bolovschak

    Director of Business Development
    Jena Arling

    Team Leader
    Charles Cronin
    Asya Hackett

    Senior Project Manager
    Melvin Figuereo

    Project Manager
    Brian Hellrigel
    Patrick Meade
    Carlton Rose
    Ebony Smith
    Drew Zahradka

    Senior Engineer
    Lauren Anderson
    Adarsh Jacob
    Landon Maurer
    Bob Bourque
    Tom Broderick
    Osaji Arah
    Paolo Sabatini
    Tom Thrasher
    Nick Rados

    Senior Operations Manager
    Joe Swankowski

    Senior MarComm Coordinator
    Nicole Boczkowski

    MarComm Coordinator
    Briana Gricius
    Jessica Schleppy