We helped U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) renovate their existing controlled, refrigerator, freezer, and ambient storage space to meet their new goals and improve on energy efficiency. USP’s daily packing, shipping distribution operations had to continue uninterrupted throughout the renovation process, so we completed the projects in phases.

The first phase consisted of consolidating two redundant back up facilities into the one facility in Frederick. Standby power distribution was reconfigured to allow additional refrigerator storage without replacing the generator. The goal of this phase was to increase storage while optimizing capacity.

The second phase included an upgrade to the distribution area in the basement of USP’s Rockville location. The goal was to increase the storage and packaging areas, optimize the process flow in order to improve efficiency, and maximize the use of the space.

For the lab AHU turnkey design build project, we studied the lab humidity trends and operational data to provide option for system adjustments and AHU replacement. After the equipment design and central plant adjustment, plans were approved for us to managed and contracted all the construction activities.