We have worked with Brookfield Properties for many years as the base building engineer at One New York Plaza. Projects have ranged from developing the base building and LEED standards, to replacing the chiller plant, from the design of common corridors and white-box spaces to the design of sprinkler loops, and to special inspections.

One of the most challenging projects was the replacement of a 6,000-ton chiller plant. The existing chiller failed because of a turbine explosion, and our solution was to design a 5,000-ton chilled water plant using electric water-cooled centrifugal chillers and well as two 2,000-ton and one 1,000-ton machines. We worked closely with different vendors to provide customized chillers because of space constraints. Our work included the design of a state-of-the-art Building Management System that allows the entire plant to be operated at maximum efficiency.

Another interesting project was the replacement of the building’s base building air handling units (AHU). Because the building is close to the Hudson River, many of the building systems have been affected by the corrosive sea air. Our commissioning team surveyed and tested the motorized dampers on the AHUs to determine which ones should be repaired or needed to be replaced along with the actuators. Out of a total of 500 dampers, we recommended approximately 40% be replaced with new. Changing the dampers solved the operational problems.

In addition to providing MEP design for common building areas and white box spaces, we have completed various sprinkler Special Inspections projects. We have witnessed the hydrostatic testing of the sprinkler pipework and conducted a field inspection to ensure that the installation of the sprinkler system complies with the NYC Building Department approved drawings.