We provided engineering services for the renovation of meeting rooms and public restrooms at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel. The hotel is made up of three separate buildings, connected by galleries, and this project involved renovation in each building. The buildings were all designed with independent MEP service. The areas that were renovated as part of this project include the main lounge area, the Garden Lane, service areas to the back house, atriums, the main ballroom and the ballroom restrooms.

One of the challenges we had to address for the renovation was re-using the theatrical dimming system. It was originally designed for incandescent lighting loads, which we successfully modified to accommodate new LED lighting loads, which saved the client from having to replace the entire system.

Upgrades to the public restrooms included layout revisions to meet current accessibility codes, which required the removal and alteration of plumbing fixtures to accommodate. We also utilized low flow rate fixtures.