When General Dynamics Information TechNortnologies (GDIT) needed to expand and relocate their facilities to support the NGA Campus, they hired our team for help with early due diligence, site selection and overall program development.

Initially, GDIT thought they needed a 300,000 sq. ft. facility to house a production data center, system testing integration lab, SCIF facilities, corporate office space and a secured conference center. We helped GDIT refine their program needs and create a secured facility that focused on the attraction and retention of resources in the competitive IT government contracts market.
Our design included two 1,000 sq. ft. tier II data centers with the capability to upgrade to Tier III in the future. The facility was a huge success as it was delivered on time, under budget and aligned with all of the executive directives of the leadership teams.

Through effective project management, innovative engineering solutions and proactive planning, our team enabled GDIT to earn their first LEED Gold certified facility.