We have worked closely with Fordham University on multiple projects throughout their main campus in Bronx, NY and at Lincoln Center.

We have conducted various site surveys to gather information for utility upgrades and improvements. For the fitness center renovation project, we used the existing systems for the various gym areas. In order to optimize the University’s construction budget, we modified the dual duct heating and cooling system with new HVAC mixing boxes and provided exposed ductwork in the cardio room. The space was also re-equipped with a new fire sprinkler system and lighting system that includes both localized and remote location control switches.

Another project was the upgrade of the main dining hall. We used the existing system’s dual hot and cold air ducts and upgraded their mixing boxes with new controls to serve the spaces. We designed a new rooftop AC unit and power for the office’s lighting controls.

In the Library, our work involved evaluating the existing system. We determined that the deteriorated piping, outdated assembly and air compressor should be replaced with a new nitrogen generation pre-action system. This solution would improve the protection around the memorabilia and also mitigate the potential for pipe corrosion, leakage, and water damage in the future.

Our team performed special inspections for the projects to ensure that the installations were completed in accordance with the NYC DOB’s approved drawings.